Traymatic Machine


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The Traymatic mounts the well known Formatic machine over a moving bed which can be programmed to move along and/or across the machine following the operators programmed instructions.

On the moving bed is placed the tray.
Therefore, as the Formatic machine drops its formed and portioned shapes from its drum, the tray is moved around below it to place the shapes in rows and columns on the tray .

When the tray is full, it is moved over to the operator to take off and replace with an empty tray, and the program repeated.

The Traymatic can be run at up to 3,000 shapes per hour onto trays in the pattern programmed by the operator. 
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Traymatic machines are not exclusive to Cookies!
Crab Cakes, Vegeburgers and other savoury formed products that are  baked on trays or wire mesh are just as applicable to the capabilities of the Traymatic automatic forming & traying machine

Traymatic animation04