Formatic forming & portioning machines. 

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High speed production
double drum forming
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Model R-Series Formatic

These forming machines have been supplied to the general food industry to form and portion products such as beef, chicken, fish, vegetable burgers, nuggets, meat balls, felafel’s, anzac biscuits, yo yo’s and other shortbread mixtures, muesli bars, fruit cake portions and more.Formatic animation

The Formatic models range in throughput from 1,000 – 4,000 drum rotations per hour, with up to 24,000 shapes per hour being possible on a triple shape drum placed on the high speed machine.

Suited to a wide variety of mixtures, the Formatic uses synchronised paddles to gently press mixture into the required form shape drum. The formed product is ejected onto a conveyor belt for further processing such as auto-tray lines, auto-stacking for burgers, freezing tunnels or automated fry lines.

The rotating drum principle is a quiet, smooth and continuous action and many of these machines have been operating throughout Australia and New Zealand with minimum maintenance for many years.

They are manufactured in the UK and feature a very strong and heavy construction – these machines are built to last  with essentially an all stainless steel construction including 5mm thick paddles.

The depth of the drum can be easily adjusted from 3mm to 20mm (std) or 3 to 34mm for a deep drop drum, ensuring the required product weight is readily obtained.

The two models – “R” series and “C” series are equally as strong as each other; the difference is only in the speed, the  motor type and the forming area of the drum.
The “R” models are a single phase motor while the “C” models are all three phase motors.

“R” models are available as fixed speed machines (1200 drum revs/hr) or a variable speed which is adjustable from 1000 to 2200 drum revs/hr.
“C” models come as a fixed speed machine (2000 drum revs/hr) or a variable speed which is adjustable from 900 to 4000 drum revs/hr.

Both “R” and “C” models are also available in 360deg drums (one forming & ejection point per turn of the drum) or 180deg design drums which have two forming and ejection points per turn of the drum – 180degs apart.

The 180deg drums are more expensive than the 360deg design, but of course they double the production capacity. 360deg design drums can be used on a 180 design Formatic machine, but the 180deg drum cannot be used on a 360 design Formatic machine.
For a 180deg machine to run a 360deg drum, an extra set of paddles are required as well.


Generally, the 180deg design benefits cookie manufacturers the most as this design reduces over mixing effect, reduces
creaming, and is better for particulate (choc chips, nuts, raisins etc).
There are no product benefits for meat & poultry forming other than the increased production capacity.

Formatic models also include stacker versions, for stacking patties automatically with paper in between, as well as being able to target portions into retail trays or onto ready meal plates. 

Special versions can be constructed to form a bottom layer portion and follow with a top layer portion such as Shepherds Pie or meat and lasagne portions.

Another Formatic machine of great interest to cookie bakers (and other manufacturers?) is the Traymatic which will automatically place formed portions onto a tray in the number of rows and columns programmed by the operator to fit any size tray they wish to use – jump to the
Traymatic page here. 

Meat, seafood or poultry products  from a Formatic machine can then be coated with batter and/or bread crumb and flash fried in the Deighton Econo System batter/bread/fry lines – jump to the
Econo page here. 

Deighton-Traymatic with cookies for web
Traymatic - auto traying of formed products

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High Speed Stacking for burger pattie production

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High speed production double drum machine for cookies and meat products

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Formatic Machine Video

DD12000 Machine Video

Shot 015 Meat Ball Rolling machine after a Formatic forming machine

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Econo Coating Line after a Formatic forming machine.
Preduster, Batter Enrober, Crumb Applicator and Continuous Fryer