Stress Free Artisan Bread and Sheet Lines

Symetec is the sanctioned dealer for the Oceanic Area. 

Bread Lines:
The Rheon sheet line equipment features the original developed Stress Free system. This system allows the equipment to handle a very wide range of dough’s - considerably wider than opposition machinery.

In particular, the Rheon equipment can handle very wet dough’s of up to 86% water for Ciabatta production and other Artisan breads.

The stress free system also does away with intermediate proofing - a process other equipment usually needs to allow time for the roughly treated dough to relax and develop further. 

The V4 Stress Free Dough Feeder is a specially patented system of combining a gravity feed system with gentle shaping and patting equipment to produce a continuous block of stress free dough to the cross-roller, stretcher and down stream equipment. 

The treatment and pressure to the dough is so gentle that the use of chemical additives can usually be eliminated.

Another feature of stress free production is to be able to freeze pre-proofed product. This means that ready-to-bake product can be supplied to outlets that only require an oven to bake off.
This gives a superior product to Par-Bake products (partially baked) which the Australian market has favoured. 

Another feature developed by Rheon is the ability to make both pastry and bread on the same line. Usually this is not possible as the pastry line makes many layer of dough sheet and is completely different from bread dough production which usually uses a “chunking” process.
However, the Rheon lines use the same equipment (without the laminators) and produce bread from sheet by rolling it up and portioning it for tins or baguette and Artisan bread production. 

The new “M” system gives a far superior loaf from tinned breads than the piece method. 

Clever compact fully automatic and semiautomatic panning systems compliment the line. 

Stress Free Dividers:
also produce several Stress Free Dividers which can feature an accurate continuous weighing system with control over the guillotine cutter for accurate portions.

Circular cutters and the guillotine result in square or rectangle pieces of set weight which can be panned or further processed by hand or make up table.

This equipment is especially suitable to the baker craftsman who wishes to combine production type accuracy with handmade finish and flare!

Stretcher and EZ Make -Up Table